Tomorrow’s ancestors are us

¡Holà! I’m Zelda, a life’s hacker, professional cool auntie for teenagers, and space holder.

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One day, all that will be left of you will be tales of who you were in this lifetime. You have the power to craft what your offspring will narrate though! It depends on two things:

  • How you educate them

  • How you’re behaving & what you’re accomplishing while you’re here

In this newsletter, I explore how we can master these as best as possible. So you & I become the coolest ancestors.

.Future of education
.Navigating the Gen Z existence
.Practical wisdom from past & present

About me

My hero’s journey started when I dropped out of school at 16 years old & left my hometown, to work in an EdTech startup in Paris, France.

My purpose is to build a new education system that inspire kids to be themselves. I have written about it online since I was 14 years old. Later, I became a speaker, and a book author, I created a program to support young entrepreneurs, and I’ve helped hundreds of teenagers create a decent life.

I am passionate about the language of symbols & I value kindness over anything else.

I’m also a nomad, spent time in +15 countries, and lived in France, my birth country, in Berlin, Germany, and now in Oaxaca, Mexico.

I never learned as much since I stopped going to school. I studied Life/Art process, Non-violent communication, and psychology. Currently in a program investigating the intersection between modern psychology and ancient Mexican wisdom.

Some other random facts about me:
- I work in 3 languages: English, Spanish and French
- I went through an NDE (near-death-experience)
- I studied a professional dance training for 1 year
- I’m a huge fan of reggaeton & classical music
- My favorite word is “Apapacho”, meaning “caress from a soul to another” in Nahuatl

If you’ve been reading till here, thank you! Send some words here: or write me on Twitter.

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.Future of education .Navigating the Gen Z existence .Practical wisdom from past & present


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