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Childhood is a time to grow and learn about the society the child lives in, so they can become a useful member of that society. I think the problem we have is that our society is so complex and wide reaching that we struggle to cope ourselves, or adequately prepare our children.

In previous generations, life was simpler. You rarely travelled far. As a child in a small village or town, you knew everyone. You knew the work they did and usually you continued your father’s trade if you were a boy, or looked after the household if you were a girl. All children would contribute to the work around the home, but they had time to play.

Nowadays we often try to shield our children from adult life so they can enjoy a time without demands. Instead we send them to schools that oppress children.

I think about approximately 30% of children love or like school. The teaching methods and regime suits them. About 50% of people tolerate school, and manage to scrape through. Around 20% of children hate school, find it is intolerable and not suited to their learning methods, and spend years recovering afterwards.

The problem is that society and jobs are designed for the people who get through school. And the next generation of teachers are the 30% of kids who found school suited them. So they continue the same regime all over again.

Sorry, I can’t support a teen, as I am busy supporting my own who is one of the 20% failed by the school system.

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